Remittances & Savings

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Xave Finance (pronounced “Save Finance”) builds the on chain infrastructure to enable financial services companies (such as “fintechs” and neobanks) to leverage DeFi for actual use cases, such as real time remittance transfers and high yield consumer savings. Xave does this by building an Forex (FX) accurate AMM via a custom “FXPool” (soon to be upgraded to the “FXMetaPool”) and a stablecoin lending market that shares liquidity with the Balancer V2 Vault.

Xave aims to eventually disrupt existing FX services available for overseas money transfers by enabling instant stablecoin trades at FX accurate rates for traders and extremely competitive returns for LPs (especially with our incoming FXMetaPool that pairs non USD stablecoins against the existing Boosted Pool). If done correctly, these fee generating activities will increase stablecoin based yield for LPs, help bring liquid FX markets to DeFi and help the Balancer DAO grow.

Xave has three products across both Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet:

How it uses Balancer protocol

Xave Finance has built a custom FX AMM on Balancer V2 that focuses on optimized swaps for different stablecoins, while still setting programmatic thresholds that allow the pool’s ratios to snap back to ideal ranges to keep the pool healthy. Learn how this works