Fixed income protocol

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Tempus is an innovative fixed-income protocol allowing people to securely lock in a fixed rate on any lending or staking income.

Tempus Fixed Income is a multi-chain fixed-income protocol that integrates with lending protocols, staking protocols, and yield aggregators, and lets users fix or speculate on the yield generated by them. Most forms of yield farming return a variable rate of yield. This means that depositors can be subject to unpredictable fluctuations in their returns. Currently, there is no easy capital-efficient way to obtain a fixed yield or otherwise speculate on yields. This is where Tempus steps in.

Tempus has three different use cases:

  • Fixed future yields when using supported yield bearing tokens
  • Speculate on the rate of future yield on supported yield bearing tokens
  • Provide liquidity on any supported yield-bearing token pool and earn trading fees on top of the existing variable yield on the yield bearing token.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Tempus was a recipient of a grant from Balancer Grants SP to create a decentralized marketplace on future yield utilizing the Balancer Protocol. Built on Balancer V2, Tempus’ Principal-Yield AMM allows efficient trading between token pairs with predictable volatility and price correlation changes. By using custom AMM logic, users can trade their Principal and Yield tokens against each other to allow them to fix or speculate on yield.

Tempus chose to build on Balancer because of the gas-efficient pool initializations and swaps on Balancer V2. Because of the Vault architecture, Tempus users benefit from multi-pool routing.