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Gyroscope is a new stablecoin that, like a physical gyroscope, remains stable as the surrounding environment changes. It is a revolution in stablecoin architecture, risk control and AMM design. Gyroscope is fully-backed, automates monetary policy, and features new AMMs designed for resilient liquidity.

Gyroscope's mission is to build robust public infrastructure for DeFi. The central piece is a fully-backed stablecoin with all-weather reserves and autonomous price bounding:

A fully backed stablecoin

The Gyroscope stablecoin aims at a long-term reserve ratio of 100%, where every unit of stablecoin is backed by 1 USD worth of collateral.

An all-weather reserve

The reserve is a basket of protocol-controlled assets that jointly collateralize the issued stablecoin. Initially most assets will be other stablecoins. The reserve aims to diversify all risks in DeFi to the greatest extent possible. It considers more than just price risk, but also censorship, regulatory, counterparty, oracle and governance risks.

Autonomous price bounding

Prices for minting and redeeming stablecoins are set autonomously to balance the goal of maintaining a tight peg with the goal of long-term viability of the project in the face of short-term crises.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Gyroscope AMMs—Concentrated Liquidity Pools (CLPs)—leverage Balancer's customizable AMM logic.

Gyro Proto, a guarded version of the Gyroscope stablecoin, is now live for testing on Polygon. It showcases groundbreaking innovations in redemption mechanisms, liquidity concentration via the Balancer Protocol, and risk control. Test it out: