Fjord NFTs

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Fjord NFTs (built by creators of Copper Launch) is a community platform that connects inspired projects with passionate supporters via LBP powered NFT fair drops.

How it uses Balancer protocol

Fjord provides a seamless experience to enable NFT creators the ability to fair launch NFTs by utilizing the power of Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.

“Fjord NFTs is a platform innovating on the NFT mint process, providing users equal opportunity and access to their favorite NFT projects. An LBP Fair Drop is a new fair launch NFT drop style that we've created to solve many of the problems faced by NFT launches, such as users facing gas wars, mints getting botted and NFT creators having to stress about accurately pricing their collections. If you’re ready to build your community the right way, visit us and fair launch your NFT collection via an LBP drop at

RiProduct Lead at Fjord